Summer Bash Indiana

Water Bowl, Muncie, Indiana

Summer Bash started in 2013 as a get together with friends in our front yard. we rented a stereo system from Rent-A-Center and grilled up some food. There were about 25 of us that first year. In 2014, because of a death in the family, we didn’t throw a party at all.

In 2015, we threw the Summer Bash again. It was also the first year we had live music, playing on mowing trailers in the front yard. Our attendance went up to about 60 that year. In 2016, we threw the Summer Bash to our biggest crowd yet, almost 100 people. Word was starting to get out about this party.

In 2017, everything changed. A chance encounter with an ad on Facebook, a missed concert, and a canceled headliner added up to lead us to our biggest breakthrough yet. 2017 was the year we introduced Indiana to The Native Howl. Our turnout that year was closing in on 125… in a front yard!!!! We decided we needed to explore other options for space.

In 2018, we discovered Walnut Grove Campgrounds in Boggstown,IN, through social media and a bit of luck. We spoke with the owners, and conveyed our ideas and our hopes. They were 100% on board, and we started planning the biggest bash yet. We brought The Native Howl back, and brought another band in from Michigan, The Gasoline Gypsies. We talked about maybe opening the Bash to the public, as it had always been a private event. We decided to wait and see how the campground experience was, and it was a SMASH hit, as we hosted almost 200 people.

In 2019, we opened the Summer Bash Indiana to everyone, and we hoped that people would come out and experience what has been described as ” a family reunion with people you’ve never met.” Over 400 people were not disappointed. It was one hell of a family reunion. Probably better than most normal family reunions. Friends were made, stories were told and created. Summer Bash Indiana was rated 5.0/5.0 stars on Facebook for a reason!

2020, the year of Covid-19. We managed to secure the campground for a third year, and we were stoked. We had to go through almost a million hoops to get the permitting and allowance to even throw the party. But alas, persistence prevailed. We were able to throw the party again, with reduced capacity, notices, and warning signs enforcing social distancing. However, even through all of the struggle, and hardships we faced, we threw an incredible Bash, and hosted over 300 people. It was an insane weekend full of wild times, and amazing live music.

For 2021, we are projecting to simply outgrow the current venue, so we pursued other options. We were able to land The Water Bowl in Muncie,IN as the official venue. This place is INSANE. It has a beach! Throw that in with all the food and drink you could ever want, over 20 bands, and 2 nights of camping, and you’ve got the ingredients for an amazing weekend.